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Touch Down
(Both arms extended above head)

(Palms together above head)

  First Down
(Arm pointed towards defensive team's goal)
Crowd Noise
(One Arm above head with an open hand. With fist closed) Fourth Down

Personal foul
(One wrist striking the other above head)

Ball illegally touched, kicked, or batted
(Fingertips tap both shoulders)

Time out
(Hands crisscrossed above head.)

No time out or time in with whistle
(Full arm circled to simulate moving clock.)

Delay of game Or excess timeout
(Folded arms.)

False start, illegal formation, or kickoff or safety kick out of bounds
(Forearms rotated over and over in front of body.)

(Grasping one wrist, the fist clenched, in front of chest.)

Illegal use of hands, arms, or body
(Grasping one wrist, the hand open and facing forward, in front of chest.)

Penalty refused, incomplete pass, play over, or missed field goal or extra point

(Hands shifted in horizontal plane.)

Pass juggled inbounds and caught out of bounds

(Hands up and down in front of chest (following incomplete pass signal).)

Illegal forward pass
(One hand waved behind back followed by loss of down signal.)

Intentional grounding of pass
 (Parallel arms waved in a diagonal plane across body. Followed by loss of down signal.)

Interference with forward pass or fair catch
(Hands open and extended forward from shoulders with hands vertical.)

Invalid fair-catch signal
(One hand waved above head.)

Ineligible receiver or ineligible member of kicking team downfield
(Right hand touching top of cap.)

Illegal contact
(One open hand extended forward.)

Offside, encroachment, or neutral zone infraction
(Hands on hips.)

Illegal motion at snap
(Horizontal arc with one hand.)

Loss of down
(Both hands held behind head.)

Interlocking interference, pushing, or helping runner
(Pushing movement of hands to front with arms downward.)

Unsportsmanlike conduct
(Arms outstretched, palms down.)

Touching a forward pass or scrimmage kick
(Diagonal motion of one hand across another.)

Illegal cut
(Hand striking front of thigh.)

Illegal crackback
(Strike of an open right hand against the right mid-thigh preceded by personal foul signal.)

Player disqualified
(Ejection signal.)

(Repeated action of right foot in back of left heel.)

Uncatchable forward pass
(Palm of right hand held parallel to ground above head and moved back and forth.)

Twelve men in offensive huddle or too many men on the field
(Both hands on top of head.)

Face mask
(Grasping face mask with one hand.)

Illegal shift
(Horizontal arcs with two hands.)

Reset play clock - 25 seconds
(Pump one arm vertically.)

Reset play clock - 40 seconds
(Pump two arms vertically.)

Roughing the Kicker
(One wrist striking the other above head followed by swinging leg)

Roughing the Passer
(One wrist striking the other above head followed by raised arm swinging forward)

Major Face Mask
(One wrist striking the other above head followed by grasping face mask)

Illegal block below the waist
One hand striking front of thigh preceded by personal-foul signal.)

Chop block
(Both hands striking side of thighs preceded by personal-foul signal.)

(One hand striking back of calf preceded by personal-foul signal.)