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Good Hope Middle School

National Junior Honor Society Selection Procedure


                The National Junior Honor Society chapter of Good Hope Middle School is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization.  Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in five areas of evaluation: scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  Standards for selection are established by the national office of NJHS and have been revised to meet our local chapter needs.  Students are selected to be members by a five-member Faculty Council, appointed by the principal, which bestows this honor upon qualified students on behalf of our school each spring.


                Students must be enrolled at GHMS for one full semester.

                Students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5.

                Students must complete and return a student activity information form.


                To assure fair selection, all students must meet the five standards.

Scholarship points

                Based on GPA. 

                3.5   =  5 points

                3.6   =  6 points

                3.7   =  7 points

                3.8   =  8 points

                3.9   =  9 points

                4.0   = 10 points

Leadership/ Service points

                Based on student activity information form

                A total of 5 points may be earned for:

?                 membership in school, church, service, and community organizations- 3 points

?                 offices held in above organizations                                                       - 2 points

Citizenship points

                 Based on a written paragraph by the student                                         - 3 points

Character points

                All teachers who teach the student will rate the student in the area of character.  Teachers will consider whether or not the student demonstrates desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, stability), upholds principles of morality and ethics, and cooperates by complying with school regulations and policies.

                The student may earn 5 points in this area.  The number of points a student receives will be added and divided by the number of teachers evaluating that student.


                The total number of points a student can accumulate is 23.  All applicants receiving 18 points will be considered for induction into the society.

Expectations of Members

         Pay chapter dues of $10 per year

         Attend chapter meetings

         Maintain GPA of 3.5 or higher

         Participate in service projects

Discipline and dismissal procedures

                Members are subject to dismissal when they fall below the standards of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, or character.  A warning will be issued in the case of scholarship, leadership, and service matters.  The student will have a time period to make improvements.  In the case of a flagrant violation of school rules or civil laws the member will be granted a hearing.  After the hearing, the student will be notified in writing of his/her disciplinary measure.




Student Information Form




                 First                                      Middle                                 Last


Homeroom Teacher _________________________        Grade____________


List all school, church, and community organizations in which you participate.  Activities may include: clubs, athletic teams, youth groups, and church groups.  You may also include band, orchestra, and choir.  Lessons do not qualify.  Include only organizations in which you have participated since June 1, 2004.












List any organization in which you have served in a position of leadership as president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, etc.  You may include membership on committees.


                        Organization                                                                Position

1._______________________________                     ____________________________


2._______________________________                    _____________________________


3._______________________________                    _____________________________


Write a paragraph on the following topic: The Responsibilities of a Citizen.  You should include your definition of a responsible citizen, the manner in which you believe a responsible citizen should conduct himself, and an assessment of yourself as a citizen.

Write this paragraph on a sheet of loose-leaf paper in ink, or type your paragraph and attach it to this student information form.  Any entry longer than one paragraph will be disqualified.  English teachers will read and score the paragraph. Correct spelling, penmanship, punctuation, and usage will be considered in the evaluation of the paragraph.


            I understand that completion of this form does not guarantee membership, but that I am being considered for membership in the National Junior Honor Society.  I agree to accept the decision of the faculty council.  I further understand that I must return the student information sheet and paragraph to the advisors by February 10, 2005 , or I will not be considered for membership.



                                                                                        Student signature



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