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All About Cellular Respiration

A WebQuest for 11thGrade (Biology II)

Designed by

 Debbie Lee


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You are about to embark on a journey into the the mighty mitochondria.  On this trip, you will visit all parts of this very important cell organelle.  Along the way, you will be asked to find the answers to some questions or diagrams. Most people wonder what exactly is cellular respiration?  And why is it so important? Are you ready for this incredible journey?  If so, sit back, buckle your seat belts, and lets get started.


The Task

At the end of this webquest journey, you will be able to:
    1.  Correctly label a diagram of the mitochondria.
    2.  Explain the steps involved in cellular respiration.
    3.  Distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
    4.  Complete an online quiz.
5.  Write a song, rap, or a poem that shows your understanding of this process.
    6.  Sucessfully make rootbeer as a demonstration of fermentation.

The Process

    1.  You will be assigned a partner to work through this journey with.

    2.  To go to the first stop on your journey, click on this link: Cellular Respiration.  
          Answers the questions associated with this site (#1-13).

    3.  For the second stop on this journey, click on this link:
            BSC Courseware: Cellular Respiration.  Then click on Krebs cycle.  Scroll
           down to energy yield.  Read these two sections and then answer
           questions # 14 -16.

    4.  For the third stop on your webquest journey click on this link: Biology, Articles.

            Click on the cellular respiration quiz and take the quiz.  List your answers as
              17-1, 17-2, 17-3, etc.

    5.  As your final stop on your webquest journey, click on this link:
            Making Rootbeer at Home.

            Answer question 18.


Describe to the learners how their performance will be evaluated. Specify whether there will be a common grade for group work vs. individual grades.











Diagram of a mitochondria is drawn and labeled 

minimal drawing and labeling

drawing is adequate, with several errors on labeling

correctly drawn with minimal label errors
competely drawn and labeled correctly.


Questions are answered  


7 of the 15 questions are answered correctly

10 of the 15 questions are answered correctly

13 of the 15 questions are answered correctly

All  questions are answered and are correct


online quiz assignment 


4 out of the 10 are answered correctly
6 out of the 10 are answered correctly

8 out of the 10 are answered correctly

10 out of 10 are answered correctly 


making of rootbeer 

no recipe, no rootbeer

recipe not written correctly, Rootbeer does not make
recipe is written correctly, rootbeer is adequate
recipe is written correctly, rootbeer making is a success




In conclusion, we have look at a very important process that occurs in all cells.  The next time your muscles are sore following physical activities, will you know why?
The next time you see atheletes eating large quanties of complex carbohydrates prior to their activity, will you know why?

Credits & References

All About Celluluar Respiration -- Microsoft Word

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