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The Chinese Culture is very different from American culture.  Chinese surnames are said to have originated in the prehistorical matriarchal society. The character for surname, Xing (), is a combination of two other characters, Nv () and Sheng (), meaning 'born of woman.' An ancient Chinese name often included four parts: first the family name, followed by the given name, the alias, and then what's known as the 'style.' Take the great poet Li Bai for example. His surname in Chinese is Li (). His given name Bai () means 'white.' His alias is Tai Bai (), and 'style' Qing Lian (), meaning 'green lotus.' One would choose his alias and 'style' when he entered adulthood. People called one another by the alias to show mutual respect.

The Task

You are employed by a new Chinese group and you know nothing about the culture.  You would like to make a great impression so you are going hunting for infomation on Chinese culture.

Include in your paper:

Your name written in Chinese
Compare and Contrast Chinese and American culture as viewed today.
Show pictures of orginal chinese dress.
Give examples of Chinese food.