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A Trip to the Rain Forest

A WebQuest for 4th Grade Geography

Designed by

Teresa Fleming


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One of the planets most beautiful and endangered resources are the rain forests. Through this webquest students will discover where rain forests are, what type of life is sustained in rain forests and what can be done to prevent the rain forests from becoming extinct.


The Task     toucan

When this webquest is complete students will be able to:

  • identify plants, animals, and human inhabitants of the rain forest;
  • recognize the diversity of life in the rain forest;
  • identify factors that threaten the rain forest;
  • demonstrate understanding of the layers of the rain forest

Students will use the internet to answer questions and complete worksheets on this virtual field trip to the rain forests of the world.


The Process  rf

1.  This website will take you on a trip to a rain forest.  There are many activities to help you better understand what is found in the rain forest.  There are no question to answer using this website.  This is just to help you better understand the rain forests. kids/find2.html

2.  Where are rainforests found? elemen.html 

Use links on Day 1-numbers 3-6 to answer this question.

Use links on Day 1-numbers 3-6 to answer this question.

3.  What are the layers in the rainforest? elemen.html

Use links on Day 2

4.  What type of plants are found in the rain forest?  Name at least 15 plants.
Rain Forest plants

5.  Name 20 animals that live in the rain forest.

6.  What are the threats to the rain forest?

7.  What can you do to help save the rain forest?  Name at least 5 ways. elemen.html

8.  List at least 3 other websites you can visit to find out more information about rain forests.

  1. Students will be given a list of questions they are to answer and be assigned to a computer.
  2. Students are to read the assigned questions and make sure they understand what is required to answer them.
  3. Students then click on the designated websites and read the given information to find answers to their questions.
  4. Once all questions are answered students are to complete the attached map indicating where rain forests are found throughout the world.

Evaluation raf

Describe to the learners how their performance will be evaluated. Specify whether there will be a common grade for group work vs. individual grades.











Questions must be answered
in complete sentences.


Questions are not answered in complete sentences.  Many punctuation and capitalization errors are present.
Some punctuation  or capitalization errors are
present in answers.
Most answers are written in complete sentences. 
All questions are answered in complete sentences. 


Questions are answered using the provided website for each question.



Student did not use all of the provided websites to answer the questions.
Only some of the websites were used.  Each website was not visited to answer the accompanying question.
Most of the websites were used that were provided for each question.
All websites were used to answer the accompanying questions.


The required number of items are present for each question.



None of the answers have the required number of items.
Some of the answers have the required number o items.
Only 1 answer is missing the required number of items.
All of the questions have the required number of items in their answers.


The map is color coded to show all rain forests in the world.


Only 2-3 of the rain forests of the world are colored on the map.
 Less than half of the rain forests are colored on the map.
Most of the rain forests are colored on the map.

All rain forests are located and colored on the map.


When this webquest is completed students will have gained knowledge concerning where rain forests are located throughout the world and what plants and animals can be found there.  Students will also know what endangers the rain forests and how they can help to protect them.

Credits & References

Map image from

1. List of webquest questions.
2. Copy of world map
3. Rubric

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