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Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Nov. 28 - Dec. 2
Monday: review Daily SS for quiz tomorrow; check/discuss Ch. 5 study guide questions 24-39; go over La.Indian map

Tuesday: DSS quiz (open book); discuss and answer study guide questions 40-52; review La. Indian map

Wednesday: review indian map (test tomorrow); complete discussion of study guide questions; highlight and review study guide material for test on Friday

Thursday: review study guide material; porgress reports go home

Friday: Chapter 5 test

Posted by 7thghms at 10:28 AM CST
Monday, 14 November 2005
Nov. 14-18
Monday: make up tests for Chap. 4 (if necessary); complete vocabulary for Chap. 5 and go over; begin asnwering study guide questions 1-23 for Chap. 5

Tuesday: review vocabulary terms; check/discuss questions 1-23 of study guide

Wednesday: complete discussion of questions 1-23; review vocabulary terms for test tomorrow; complete handout chart on the Prehistoric Indians of LA

Thursday: Chap. 5 vocabualry test; begin asnwering study guide questions 24-39

Friday: check/discuss study guide questions 24-39

Posted by 7thghms at 8:23 AM CST
Monday, 7 November 2005
Nov. 7-11
Monday: check/discuss study guide questions 28-40; review parish map #2; review DSS for quiz tomorrow

Tuesday: DSS quiz; complete discussion of questions 28-40 of study guide; review for parish map #2 test

Wednesday: parish map #2 test; review chapter material for test on Thurs/Fri (depending on how much is accomplished on Mon/Tue)

Thursday: review chapter material OR take chapter test

Friday: cahpter test (?); begin defining vocabulary terms for Chapter 5

Posted by 7thghms at 9:02 AM CST
Monday, 31 October 2005
Oct. 31-Nov. 4
Monday: review parish map for test tomorrow; discuss branches of govt. and their responsibilities; pass out bonus handout on current elected officials (due Wednesday)

Tuesday: parish map test; worksheet: How A Bill Becomes A Law; begin discussion of study guide questions 16-27

Wednesday: turn in bonus handout from Monday; complete discussion of questions 16-27 of study guide; begin new parish map activity; worksheet on Electoral College

Thursday: Computer Lab for govt. activity

Friday: review parish map from Wed.; begin answering study guide questions 28-40

Posted by 7thghms at 8:41 AM CST
Monday, 24 October 2005
Oct. 24-28
Monday: check Ch. 4 vocabulary terms; check/discuss study guide questions 1-15; review Daily Social Studies; complete parish map for northern parishes

Tuesday: DSS quiz; reveiw vocabulary terms; complete discussion of questions 1-15; review parish map; activity worksheet - LA State Govt., Comparing documents, & Protecting Rights

Wednesday: continue to discuss study guide by covering questions 16-27; review vocabulary terms; discuss LA's current elected officials

Thursday: vocabulary test; complete discussion of current elected officials; students will make a chart giving the powers of the 3 branches of govt. (both state & federal; reveiw parish map

Friday: parish map test; complete discussion of questions 16-27; discuss elected officials, and the powers of the govt. as covered on student chart

Posted by 7thghms at 8:44 AM CDT
Monday, 3 October 2005
oCT. 3-7
Monday-Thursday: students will be in the library working on brochures for a Louisiana Festival; library time will be used for research and creating a brochure

Friday: students will begin covering Chap. 3 on the economic and environmental resources of Louisiana by defining vocabulary terms for the chapter and beginning to answer study guide questions

*Thursday: 8th grade students will attend an assembly at WMHS from 8:30-11:00

Posted by 7thghms at 7:44 AM CDT
Monday, 26 September 2005
Sept. 26-30
Monday: discuss Festivals of La.; finish study guide questions 18-24 and matching exercise

Tuesday: check/discuss study guide questions 18-24 and matching; answer Museums of LA handout

Wednesday: discuss Festival activity for next week and have students choose festival they will work on (this activity will be done in the library next week); handout on Ethnic Groups of LA, LA Proverbs, and the French Creole Culture of LA

Thursday: Explore Test; students will complete Museums of LA handout and discuss (time permitting) or watch a short video on LA festivals and cultures

Friday: check handouts from Wednesday; review Festival activity for library next week

Posted by 7thghms at 8:51 AM CDT
Monday, 19 September 2005
Sept. 19-23
Monday: complete/check vocabulary terms for Louisiana's Culture study guide (Ch. 1); begin asnwering study guide questions 1-6

Tuesday: open notebook Daily SS quiz; discuss questions 1-6 on study guide and continue by answering questions 7-17; begin festival activity when completed with study guide questions

Wednesday: check/discuss questions 7-17; discuss festival activity; students should begin to decide which festival they would like to do a project on (this will be done week after next in the library)

Thursday: review vocabulary terms for test tomorrow; answer study quide questions 18-24 after completing discussion of festivals

Friday: turn in list of festival choices; vocabulary test; check/discuss study guide questions; activity worksheets on French Creole culture, Ethnic groups in Louisiana, museums of Louisiana

Posted by 7thghms at 8:32 AM CDT
Monday, 12 September 2005
Sept. 12-16
Mon: review Louisiana geography for test Wednesday; go over Mississippi RIver worksheets; complete Louisiana Fact sheet for homework

Tues: go over fact sheet; worksheets on La. borders/highways, population trend, and French past; reveiw for test

Wed: Louisiana geography test; review border/highway map for test Friday; begin study guide on Louisiana's Culture: Families and Festivals

Thurs: review border/highway map; check vocabulary and continue study guide

Fri: border/highway map test; complete study guide

Posted by 7thghms at 9:53 AM CDT
Wednesday, 7 September 2005
Sept. 5-9
Monday: no school - Labor Day holiday

Tuesday: Daily SS open-book quiz; review waterways hanout for test tomorrow; begin answering study guide questions for Louisiana geogrpahy

Wednesday: WAterways test; finish Louisiana geography study guide questions; begin hanout on The Mighty Mississippi and the Cities of the Mississippi Valley

Thursday: Progress Reports go home; begin to check/discuss Louisiana geography study guide and handouts from Wednesday

Friday: complete discussion of Mississippi river handouts; begin Louisiana Facts worksheet

Posted by 7thghms at 8:49 AM CDT

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