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A WebQuest for 8th Grade Science

designed by

Debbie Patrick

Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion

I.    Introduction 

        Volcanoes!  What do we really know about them?  We live in a world with active volcanoes.  What does that mean?  You learned about volcanoes when you were a youngster.  Now that you are older, you will understand what you learned.  You are invited to take a journey into the mysterious world of volcanoes and investigate: what is a volcano; how deep is the crust of the earth; where do most volcanoes occur; and when was the last eruption of Mt. Fuji?

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II.    Task 

        You will be engaged in uncovering the facts and information related to the eruption of volcanoes.  You will be expected to participate in an oral presentation of facts and information discovered through your research on this webquest.  Just for fun, you'll work an online puzzle of Mt Fuji.   You will also demonstrate your knowledge and expertise about volcanoes by creating a model of a volcano.  Following the steps presented in the webquest will give you the necessary information to complete your model.

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III.    Process 

    1. Read all of the information in Volcano!  Answer the first 9 questions on your worksheet.

    2.  Check out Mt. Fuji and answer the next 4 questions on your worksheet.

    3.  Work the online Mt. Fuji jigsaw puzzle.

    4.  Using the supplies you were asked to bring to school, create a model of a Volcano using
         the instructions provided.

    5.  Using the information you found on the Volcano website, write a short summary and be
         prepared to participate in a class discussion on your findings.

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IV.    Resources 

     Make a model




     Mt. Fuji, Honshu, Japan


    Here are other Volcano sites that may be of interest to you, but
are not required to complete this WebQuest.

    Earth's Active Volcanoes

       This site has a world map with 12 regions.  When a region is clicked on, specifics come up.

    Ask a Volcanologist

       Read through the archives of common questions people ask volcanologists.

    Update on Current Volcanic Activity

    Volcanoes--Can we predict how and when they will erupt?

       Can we predict volcanic eruptions?  As population grows, more people are living in potentially
    dangerous volcanic areas.  Mt. Ranier looms over the Seattle/Tacoma area, endangering a
    population of more than three million people...

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V.    Evaluation 

        Each student will receive a letter grade based on the quality and
        thouroughness on the worksheet.  Have fun.
        Students will also receive a letter grade based on the quality and
        thouroughness of the model. Follow the guidelines set out in the

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VI.    Conclusion 

          It is important for you to understand the world around us.  You will discover
          new and interesting facts and information about volcanoes. We spend a lot of
          time analyzing and studying what we see around us every day, but don't
          forget what is happening in the world around us!

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