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School Layout

Room Number Teacher Subject Room Number Teacher Subject
100 .. Computer Lab 120 Parker Math
101 Dawson Self-Contained 121 Dean English
102 Hogg Home Economics 122 Dillingham English/ Lang. Arts
103 Hogg Home Economics 123 Robinson Language Arts
104 Paul Art 124 Crew Social Studies
105 Hunter Autistic 125 Robbins Social Studies
106 Frost Math Remediation 126 Thrower Science
107 Sellar 6th GT Math/Social Studies 127 Norris Science
108 Moody Science/Adv. Science/Cheer 128 Sellar Math/Adv. Math/ GT Math
109 Holton Social Studies 129 Eley 7th GT Lang. Arts
110 McGuffee English/Lang. Arts 130 Noel Math
111 Loudon Math 131 Bayles Language Arts/ Adv. LA
112 Aulds Language Arts 132 Painich English/ Adv. English
113 Epps English/ Lang. Arts 133 Biggs English/ Adv. English
114 Ford Math/ Science 134 Myshrall Social Studies/ Bible
115 Lee/ Gill 135 Williams Social Studies
116 Holzer Resource 136 Strickland Math/ Adv. Math
117 Westerburg Self-Contained 137 Starr Science/ Yearbook
118 Kelly GT Science 138 Elliott Resource
119 Brasher Math/ Algebra I 139 Patrick ..

**This map is not drawn to scale and is only meant to give an idea of where the classrooms are located.**
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