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Supply Lists for 2005 -2006

6th Grade Supply List


$30.00 instructional fee (turn in to homeroom teacher)

 $5.00 Science fee (turn in to Science teacher)


1 small package of manila folders (either size)

1-3 inch 3 ring heavy duty binder

1-1 inch heavy duty binder for Math

1 set of tab dividers

Blue or black erasable pens

Red pens (keep in each binder)

#2 pencils (mechanical is OK) have plenty for the year

1-3 ring vinyl pouches (1 for each binder, for pens, pencils, etc.)

7 packages of loose leaf paper (one to be turned in to English teacher, keep others in locker)

1 package of colored pencils

1 pocket folder (for sign and return papers)

1 speckled notebook English journal

2 large boxes of Kleenex (turn in to English class)


Index cards


4 ounce glue

6-3 hole pocket folders

Boys bring: 1 small package of baby wipes, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer, 1 package of 8 X 14 colored computer paper, 1 box small Ziploc bags, and colored pencils

Girls bring: 1 roll of paper towels, 1 package of 8 X 11 colored computer paper, 1 pkg. of reinforcers, 1 box medium Ziploc bags, and colored markers



1 pocket folder, 2 heavy duty spiral notebooks, glue, 1 box of large Ziploc bags

P.E. CLASSES will need:

P.E. uniform (purchase at Green Sports or H. Mickel Sports)

ELECTIVE CLASSES may require additional supplies.  Elective teachers will let you know as soon as school starts.

 7th Grade Supply List


$30.00 Instructional Fee (turn in to homeroom teacher)

 $5.00 Science Fee (turn in to science teacher)


3 - 1 inch heavy duty 3 ring binders

1 set of 5-tab dividers

12 pocket folders with center clasps for English and Math (6 each)

Loose leaf paper

2 Speckle books (3 for gifted)

Large package of #2 pencils

Large package of black or blue pens

Pens in assorted colors (gifted only)

Red pens

Colored pencils

Texas Instruments calculator (TI-30XIIS)

1 large box of Kleenex (turn in to homeroom)

1 large roll of paper towels (turn in to homeroom)

 Each teacher will ask for room supplies in the fall.

 Elective teachers may require different supplies.  These teachers will let you know when school starts.

 8th Grade Supply List


$30.00 Instructional Fee (Pay homeroom teacher)

 $5.00 Science Fee (Pay science teacher)


3 1 inch heavy duty three ring binders (English, Reading, Social Studies)

3 packs Loose-leaf paper

3 package dividers with tabs

2 speckled notebooks

1 five subject notebook (Math)

6 pocket folders with brads (Science)

1 twelve-pack colored pencils

Mechanical pencils (Math)

TI-30X IIS calculator (optional)


Blue or Black pens

Pens in assorted colors (GT only)

**P.E. uniform H. Mickel Sport

Each teacher may ask for room supplies in the fall.  (ex. Baby wipes, Kleenex, expo marker, and/or candy)

Elective teachers may require different supplies.



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